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Mini-holiday in Bamberg

A beautiful backdrop for a busy visit to Bamberg

Do you want to spend a few hours soaking up the atmosphere of a UNESCO World Heritage site? You don't need to go far: just take a daytrip to Bamberg. We've got great ideas for when you get there.


Take a trip to Bamberg and find out for yourself just how much flair the town has to offer. Stroll along the river Regnitz and enjoy the waterside charm of Little Venice during the day, then try out the unique flavour of the local smoked beer in the evening. Well known in the town, the cafĂ© Zafran serves up Indian food when you'd like a full meal. If you're looking for some entertainment, go to the puppet theatre, with its charming productions of famous plays. Sound interesting? There's lots more besides! Book your ticket for Bamberg, the ancient town of bishops and emperors. We hope our suggestions help you have a different kind of daytrip.

On the bank of the river Regnitz in Bamberg

In Bamberg, city of emperors and bishops, the idyllic bank of the river Regnitz takes visitors on an architectural journey through time.
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The Bamberger Marionettentheater (Bamberg puppet theatre)

The Bamberger Marionettentheater (Bamberg puppet theatre) sets the stage for a spellbinding show. Although the programme often includes a play for children, the majority of productions are for adults.
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Welcome to the Café Zafran in Bamberg

The name, “Café Zafran”, in Bamberg is slightly confusing as neither coffee nor cake is served here. Instead, you can expect to find Indian dishes here.
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Let Bamberg treat you to a smoked beer

Bamberg smoked beer ("Rauchbier") is made using smoked malt, which gives it its characteristic aroma and reminds you a bit of smoked ham.
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Café Zafran
Nearest station: Bamberg BrennerstraĂźe 42
96052 Bamberg
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